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When you’re looking for a gynecologist, it’s important to find an office with staff who will provide the care, support and attention that you deserve. The team at Anchorage OB/GYN understands this and is dedicated to providing their patients with superior health care services.

The team offers complete women’s care services, from your annual pap smear to mammograms. Their goal is to ensure that you receive the medical attention you need to fully understand your health and have the details you need to make informed decisions.

The gynecologists also provide family planning services for those either trying to become pregnant or those who are interested in having an IUD placed. They provide consultation, advice and instruction for those looking to start birth control pills. For those who are already pregnant, the women’s health center offers a full range of prenatal services, such as ultrasounds, deliveries and C-sections, as well as postpartum care. They are also experienced working with high-risk pregnancies.

The health center provides treatment for a variety of conditions, including irregularities in your menstrual cycle and endometriosis. They perform minimally invasive surgeries and hysterectomies using da Vinci robotic surgery, which requires a smaller incision, allowing you to heal and recover more quickly.

The gynecologists and their support staff are proud to assist women throughout Alaska with their health care needs. When you need compassionate women’s care from a knowledgeable team, they’ll be ready to help. Call Anchorage OB/GYN at (907) 336-6375 or contact them online to schedule an appointment.

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