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The Largest Sewing & Quilting Store in Maui That Has It All!

Sew Special

275 Ka'ahumanu Ave #1048
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-6128
Sew Special, Quilts & Quilting, Services, Kahului, Hawaii

Sew Special is every quilter's and seamstress's dream come true! Located in Kahului, HI, this quality quilting and sewing supplies store features a large selection of products and a staff of friendly experts on hand.

Sew Special was founded in 1978 and it quickly became the go-to sewing supplies and textile store in Maui. This locally-owned and operated seamstress's sanctuary boasts both local and imported fabrics, quilt kits, and numerous sewing supplies. Staffed by approachable, crafty employees who offer anything from advice on purchases to sewing machine repair to sewing classes, Sew Special is a place you'll find yourself visiting often.

Their wide range of fabrics guarantees that there is a set of supplies for each customer. Those who need casual fabric will be pleasantly surprised by its industry-standard quality, while those who come in search of rare elegance will find it at Sew Special for a shockingly fair price. Sew Special's mission is to provide quality fabrics at an affordable price, and they achieve this goal each time.

Sew Special aims to cater to anyone, from the novice craftsman to the professional tailor. For the crafty novices, Sew Special offers quilting and sewing classes. Though they are taught in a group setting, each seamstress-in-training can expect a great deal of individual attention and techniques tailored to their needs. For the sewing connoisseurs, Sew Special provides sewing machines for sale as well as other supplies. They are the only sewing and quilting store in Maui specifically authorized as a BERNINA sewing machine dealer.

To learn more about Sew Special's beautiful quality fabrics and supplies, call (808) 877-6128 or visit the quilt store online

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