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Exit Realty Urban Living

Exit Realty Urban Living

381 Monmouth Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Exit Realty Urban Living, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate, Jersey City, New Jersey

Located in the heart of Hudson County, New Jersey, EXIT Realty Urban Living is putting their stamp on the housing market. The innovative real estate agency only opened its doors four months ago, but their team of skilled agents has tackled hundreds of properties throughout the area. Whether you’re in the market for a house, apartment, or condo, this agency will work hard to pair you with the best housing option for your family.

More than just a real estate agency, EXIT Realty Urban Living is also committed to educating all their prospective clients. Their comprehensive buying and selling guides explain everything from how to determine your home’s worth to how to budget for closing costs. They also have an online mortgage calculator to help you determine a reasonable budget before you even begin searching for a loan.

For entrepreneurs, what sets EXIT Realty Urban Living apart from other agencies are their incredible career opportunities. They use a unique approach to help brokers and agents alike cover the pay gaps between sales by onboarding new associates. Whenever you refer a new employee, you’ll gain an extra 10% commission rate for each sale that person makes. Even better, it doesn’t affect the new employee at all. They still get their full commission, in addition to all the added financial benefit packages the company offers.

If you’re in the market for a new house—or maybe a new career—visit the professionals at EXIT Realty Urban Living today. To browse their current listings, view their website for all the best deals.