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When uninvited guests take up residence in your home or place of business, trouble can take over your life. If these residents resemble small creepy crawlies or four-legged critters, Acorn Exterminating, LLC is ready and eager to help you out. Whether you need a pest exterminator or a rodent exterminator, this general pest control business, located in North Stonington, CT, can pay you a visit and make the problem disappear.

Locally owned and operated, Acorn Exterminating has been in business for over 30 years. This CT mainstay is headed by an University of Massachusetts Entomologist and an expert bug and rodent exterminator. As a small business, Acorn prides itself on getting to know its customers' circumstances up close, which makes for a better general pest control experience on all sides. 

In addition to mouse extermination and general pest control, Acorn Exterminating LLC specializes in: bee control, termite control, ant control, wasp extermination spider extermination and more. Even the more unpleasant and complicated projects -- like cockroach extermination and flea extermination -- are taken on with enthusiasm and confidence. More so, along with the usual extermination and pest control services, Acorn provides a real estate inspection service, a useful bit of armor for new and prospective homeowners.

Acorn Exterminating also works with commercial customers. Commercial pest control is intimidating but absolutely necessary for the success of any business, and Acorn Exterminating has the equipment and experience to take on even the largest of commercial buildings. 

To request a consultation for your pest or rodent problem, call (860) 446-0173 or visit Acorn Exterminating, LLC online. 

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