Canton, Pennsylvania

Canton Pharmacy

Canton Pharmacy

7 Troy St.
Canton, PA 17724
(570) 673-5153
Canton Pharmacy, Pharmacies, Health and Beauty, Canton, Pennsylvania

At the main intersection of Troy and Sullivan Street in Canton, PA, rests Canton Pharmacy — a locally-owned, 20-year mainstay in the Canton community. 

The secret to Canton Pharmacy’s place in the community is their service. Their expert pharmacists believe in using their experience and training to spread public knowledge about health and well-being. Ask them any question about any medication and expect a happy, informative, and judgement-free response. For your convenience, they keep a Kodak photo machine on hand — don’t go out of your way to print greeting cards or birthday cards. They even sell convenience items and lottery tickets to reduce the time you spend on errands every day.

Find out why Canton trusts the Canton Pharmacy. Next time you get a prescription, tell the clinic to have it sent to Canton Pharmacy — and you’ll see the difference they make. Call them today at (570) 673-5153 with any questions about your medication or visit their website to find out more about their services.