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The most trusted painting contractors are those who have the most experience on the job. Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC established this type of trust in the Central Ohio area over more than three decades among painting and power washing companies. Now a multi-generational, family-run business, Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC is firmly rooted in its humble beginnings back in the mid 1960's before it was formally established.

Back then, this house painting dynasty made its living by painting barns, farm equipment and homes. Since then, business grew in reputation, knowledge and skill-set while retaining the same family attitude and passion for the job.

Whether their job consists of painting a room or conducting a power wash, Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC does it with passionate professionalism. The skills passed down from family experts to newcomers are invaluable both on a professional and human level.

This Better Business Bureau-accredited team of house painting power washers does it all. Do you need a set of cabinets or a room of walls painted in your home? Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC will approach your house painting needs with ease. They'll also provide interior painting ideas for when you need help, but you're not entirely sure how. More so, they'll give your metal or wooden siding, roof or shed a professional paint job. Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC also offers a pre-paint power wash as a separate service.

To schedule your free interior or exterior painting quote, call (614) 989-9759 or visit Wow Painting & Contracting, LLC online. 

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