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When going green, it may be hard to envision your heat and air conditioning as part of the movement, but Houston County Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC in Crockett, TX, is leading the way. They provide residents from around the region energy-efficient products that keep costs down and are less harsh on the environment.

Great customer service is the goal for these air conditioning contractors, which is why they provide customers with a lifetime warranty on all products and installations. Their technicians are also trained and licensed, showcasing their skill when seamlessly installing heating or air in your home or business.

Houston County Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC only has the most up-to-date products, and they pride themselves on giving customers the best results. They offer Wi-Fi thermostats that work with your smart mobile devices, allowing you to easily control your heating or air conditioning system from wherever you are. With these thermostats, you can check the interior and exterior climate at your home or business, adjust the temperature and, in some cases, view performance reports.   

In addition, if you have an older unit you are looking to upgrade, they have the highest quality Amana® products on hand and will replace your existing system with a high-efficiency unit.

With great customer service and lifetime warranties, these air conditioning repair specialists won’t steer you in the wrong direction. For the days when you can’t seem to get the temperature right, contact the heating system repair specialists at Houston County Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC by calling (936) 545-1423 for all your repair and installation needs. Learn more about their services online.

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