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Unwanted vehicles in your yard or commercial property are unsightly and waste valuable space. Thankfully, residents in Goshen, OH, have Phipps Auto Parts & Towing to trade unused vehicles for cash—and they’ll even tow scrap metal away for you.

The licensed recycling center will fully evaluate your vehicle to determine its value, taking into account usable parts and the scrap metal market price. If your car no longer runs, don’t worry! Phipps Auto Parts & Towing will salvage anything that’s still usable on your vehicle and pay you a fair price. Not only is this an easy way to make extra cash, but recycling used metal is also good for the environment and reduces the demand on manufacturing. 

Did you know some components in your vehicle can become toxic with exposure to the elements? Lithium-ion and nickel–cadmium batteries are dangerous to handle, which is why the experts at Phipps Auto Parts & Towing will take extra precautions removing them from your property. Other fluids in the engine and radiator can also leak into your soil, so you don’t want to leave unused vehicles sitting out on the yard.

As a recycling facility, Phipps Auto Parts & Towing will also accept other forms of scrap metal, including non-ferrous or ferrous brass, copper, iron, and stainless steel. All you need is a valid photo I.D. to exchange your junk metal and cars for cash!

Call Phipps Auto Parts & Towing at (513) 722-2034 to schedule a pickup for scrap metal recycling and auto salvage in Clermont County. You can also visit the website to learn more about the salvage yard, what items they’ll accept for recycling, and their payment policies.

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