Crossville, Tennessee

Wyndridge Health & Rehabilitation Center

Wyndridge Health & Rehabilitation Center

456 Wayne Ave
Crossville, TN 38555
(931) 707-5687
Wyndridge Health & Rehabilitation Center, Rehabilitation Programs, Services, Crossville, Tennessee

If you require rehabilitation services after a surgery or injury, WyndRidge Health & Rehabilitation Center, located in Crossville, TN, proudly offers quality, personalized care to members of the surrounding community. The center serves a variety of patients, ranging from infants to adults, and provides outpatient rehab, home care, and respiratory therapy.

Their team of dedicated, licensed therapists work with both the patient and their physician to create a tailored treatment plan that is goal-oriented. For patients who have suffered neurological damage, they offer one-on-one speech sessions to maximize communication skills. They also provide individualized treatment plans for orthopedic conditions resulting from surgeries or other injuries. 

The WyndRidge Health & Rehabilitation Center boasts a full pharmacy, as well as an exceptional and specialized nursing facility, with the most up to date ventilator and tracheostomy units. They have 157 dually-certified beds — which is well above the Tennessee state average of 116.

Their extraordinary care includes intravenous therapy, nutritional support, pain management, and respiratory treatments. Moreover, residents benefit from having their entire medical team in-house, from their personal physicians, nurse practitioners, dietician, and rehabilitation therapist.

For recovery or assisted living needs, choose the licensed professionals at WyndRidge Health & Rehabilitation Center. Set up an appointment today by calling (931) 707-5687 to speak with a member of their staff. To read more about their services, center, and assisted living facility, please visit them online

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