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A loved one's passing is never easy to come to terms with, and the process of grief is complex and personal. The staff at Crowe's Funeral Homes Inc understands this—and that's why they've been one of Queens' most well-respected local funeral homes for almost 70 years now. 

Crowe's specializes in affordable funeral services that put compassion before everything. Whether you need cremation services, at-need or pre-arranged burial counsel, or recommendations for local florists, churches or catering facilities, Crowe's is the resource to turn to. They also offer a range of beautiful, uplifting ceremonies designed to comfort and inspire families and friends. You can have doves or balloons released during your loved one's ceremony, or Crowe's will help you choose just the right music and setting for your memorial. In accordance with their philosophy of human service, they serve people of all faiths and beliefs. Their goal is to help you create a tribute that, despite grief, is a life-affirming celebration of cherished memories.

Crowe's website reflects an expansive dedication to community, and features links to everything from organ and tissue donation information to grief support resources for adults and children alike. As a family-owned business that's been serving the people of Queens since 1945, the Crowe's team understands the importance of family—and what a difference the solidarity of community can make during trying times. 

To find out more, call Crowe's Funeral Home at (718) 558-0921. Their family is always there to serve yours, and to listen.


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