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Being a primary care physician is about more than yearly checkups and preventative treatments. Each visit should be an encounter with an old friend. Patient Choice Medical Care in Hamden, CT, takes a compassionate approach when treating patients by building strong relationships and providing quality health services to New Haven County and the surrounding area.

The staff at Patient Choice Medical Care is dedicated to delivering one-on-one patient care services ranging from annual physical examinations to advance screenings. They are highly skilled in family medicine, so when your little ones need sports physicals, their staff will have them back on the court quickly. They also perform DOT physicals for CDL drivers who are in need of a DOT medical certificate.

In addition to routine health care, their talented internist will be there to diagnose any chronic illness or disease you may have. They will carefully document any changes in your system as the years go by to effectively treat any possible long-term conditions.

What sets Patient Choice Medical Care apart from other primary care physicians is their continued effort to establish long lasting connections with each of their patients. All staff members make it a point to engage with you on a personal level. This greatly affects the care patients receive, which leads to greater success during individual treatments.

Find your life long primary care physician at Patient Choice Medical Care, where they provide the care you deserve. Call them today at (203) 535-0262 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online for more information on their services. You can also check out their Facebook for news and updates.


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We are taking same day appointments! Give us a call at 203-535-0262 or visit our website at http://www.patientchoicemedicalcare.com/.  read more