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Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming

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Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, North Pole, Alaska

Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming is proud to present the residents of North Pole, AK, with quality professional pet pampering services at an affordable rate. As a licensed pet grooming and boarding facility, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their dog or cat is in good hands at Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming.

All pet lovers want to know their pet is well cared for in their absence. At this one-of-a-kind local facility, pet owners can bring in their furry friend for pet grooming services like haircuts, shampoos, and nail trimmings, or even take advantage of their doggie daycare.  

Their daycare and boarding facilities are among the best around. With pet kennels offered to both dogs and cats, Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming are committed to your pet’s comfort. They offer heated indoor and outdoor kennels to all the furry family members that come through their doors. Whether you're dropping them off for a few hours, the day, or while you’re on vacation, these loving pet groomers will make them feel at home.

You wouldn’t trust your beauty regimes to just any consultant or book a stay at just any hotel, so why trust your pet’s comfort and hygiene to just any pet groomer? To book your pets pampering package or get more details on this boarding facility call (907) 488-6866 today. You can also visit them online

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