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If you're in the Rochester, NY area, you are lucky enough for a chance to trust your gutters to DJ Catalino Exteriors, the area's gutter installation and repair specialists. The Catalinos are a real family; they just happen to be knowledgeable and passionate about other people's gutters, whether residential or commercial.

DJ Catalino Exteriors began with David Catalino in 1985. Now, with more than 30 years' experience in the business of gutters, he has his son Jeremy's expertise to add to his own. This humble family owned business has a solid reputation. From their annual Angie's List award for excellence, which they've received for five consecutive years now, to their invitation and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, DJ Catalino Exteriors is widely revered in the Rochester area. Of course, their integrity and workmanship has also earned them favorable word-of-mouth testimonials and recommendations.

In addition to gutter installation and repair, DJ Catalino Exteriors installs and repairs rain barrels, downspouts and roof vents. All of these products are installed either for increased gutter protection or to save money and resources. A water barrel, for instance, collects rain directly from a spout and is then used as sprinkler or hose water.

DJ Catalino Exteriors works on emergency gutter repairs as well. Are your gutters damaged from ice or wind? Catalino's smooth and considerate demeanor will be a pleasure to work with even in the most stressful of circumstances. Insurance claims are dealt with swiftly and DJ Catalino Exteriors always advocates for their customers, whether new or existing.

To get your free estimate for gutter installation or repairs, call (585) 671-0926 or visit DJ Catalino Exteriors online.

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