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Belmont Eye Center

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Belmont Eye Center

121 East 61st Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 486-2020
Belmont Eye Center, Ophthalmology, Health and Beauty, New York, New York

The Belmont Eye Center is committed to setting the highest standards in the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems involving the cornea to protect and restore eyesight. They specialize in ophthalmology, laser eye surgery, LASIK eye surgery, and corrective eye surgery.

Dr. Belmont is a distinguished Manhattan cataracts and LASIK eye surgeon, with more than 25 years at the forefront of refractive surgery. She has performed more than 30,000 laser vision correction procedures and has become renowned as a leader in her field. Asthe Director of the Resident Refractive Surgical Education/Laser Vision Correction Program, a Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at New York University School of Medicine, and the head of a Corneal Surgery Fellowship program, she has a Fellow with her during the academic year to observe and train.

This practice is dedicated to the specialized field of corneal surgery. Their greatest distinction is the expert training and personal care their NYC laser eye surgery patients receive locally in their office. For more information on the Belmont Eye Center, visit their website or call them on(212) 486-2020.