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Active in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area for over 30 years, Select Pest Control has developed a sterling reputation as a highly professional extermination service, capable of taking on every kind of infestation as well as providing animal control. This team of courteous, licensed practitioners adheres to the highest standards of the industry and is able to take on everything from carpenter ants to bed bugs. It is so sure of its ability to satisfy both residential and commercial clients’ needs that it offers free inspections and estimates.

With bed bugs making headlines in recent years—and knowing how notoriously difficult it is to get rid of them—Select Pest Control specializes in bed bug extermination. To aid in the fight, it has enlisted the aid of a beloved member of the company’s family: Rocco the bed bug dog! Capable of sniffing out this elusive insect at every stage of its development, Rocco is better able than any human to detect an infestation. If bed bugs are discovered, the team’s exterminator will work with the client to pre-treat the home or business and will also provide essential follow-up prevention service. It is no wonder that Select is considered a regional leader in bed bug extermination.

As a member of the Northern Kentucky Homebuilders Association, this company also is also a specialist in termite control, working with realtors to provide a thorough assessment of any property prior to the real estate transaction. Should termites be detected, Select Pest Control is able to take comprehensive, effect steps to contain and eradicate the problem.

A fixture in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the capable technicians of Select Pest Control will work with the client to ensure his or her satisfaction. Comprehensive information about its approach and services can be found on its website, or by calling (513) 352-0080

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