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Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc, Funeral Homes, Services, Rochester, New York

Thomas Funeral Chapels believes that planning a funeral is not something you should have to take on alone. With 88 years’ experience providing funeral services to the Rochester, NY, area, Thomas Funeral Chapels specializes in customer-focused care and funeral planning, helping you concentrate on what’s important — your memories with your loved ones.

After a conversation with one of the counselors at Thomas Funeral Chapels, you can take a breath. They will help you create a funeral service that will do justice to your loved one’s memory, tailoring every moment to the honor of the remembered. The service may include a video presentation, bird or balloon release, or environmentally-friendly “green burial” — Thomas Funeral Chapels seeks to accommodate any creative service.

Planning for the loss of a loved one is hard enough. With all of the preparations to be made, calls to be taken, and people to speak to, nobody wants to plan an event like a funeral. Let Thomas Funeral Chapels take funeral planning or pre-planning off your hands by calling them at (585) 663-3837 or visiting their website.

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