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Eco Products Maui, Water Purification Supplies, Services, Kula, Hawaii

Eco Products Maui specializes in providing everything you need to ensure a clean supply of water to your home while maintaining the planet’s precious natural resources. From rainwater catchment systems to storage tanks and home water purification systems, this company will enable you to leave the county water system completely, whether you’re watering a fruit tree orchard or just providing water to your own home. They also carry whole-house filtration systems for those who wish to stay on the grid but want to purify chemically treated water.

For large external water tanks, Eco Products Maui offers design and planning assistance, since each property will present different challenges, and their installer teams will help with installation and construction. They also feature extensive expertise in the fields of aquaculture and aquaponics with a line of some of the most economical and durable products available. Even if you are unsure of your exact needs, the professionals at this company will help bring your ideas to fruition.

Storing and purifying rainwater to meet your household’s needs is a healthy, low-cost alternative to county water systems, and a necessity in locations where utilities aren’t readily available. To learn more about the exciting possibilities made possible by Eco Products Maui, visit them online or call (808) 878-6762. Free consultations and advice are available.

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