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Located in Corvallis, OR, Alien Drone Services is the area’s best aerial photography, videography, and inspection company around. These pilots use trendy aircrafts to capture high-resolution photos, and all from an alien’s viewpoint. Their unique perspective allows them to showcase the world in new and exciting ways, making them the ultimate source for real estate photos, construction time lapses, and even wedding videos. 

The pilots at Alien Drone Services use a wide range of tech to create only the best images for their customers. Their quadcopters provide both 4K and 5K resolution photos, as well as 4K cinematic-level videos. If you’re looking for a more grounded camera option, then don’t worry. The company also utilizes a 4K handheld camera for steadier video footage.

While these drones are used for several aerial photography projects, the business is most well-known for its top-notch real estate shots. The drone’s unique camera angles allow them to capture breathtaking photos from an alien’s eye view, which potential homebuyers wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. And, because the equipment is so high quality, the drones can capture an incredible amount of detail. Whether you’re trying to sell an old ranch-style home or a new tiny house, the professionals at Alien Drone Services can provide you with the best imagery there is.

If you’re ready to experience the world of aerial photography and videography, then call Alien Drone Services at (541) 740-1399 today! You can also visit their website to learn more about their full list of products and services.

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