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During our 50 years of being open we have become the go to locksmiths.

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Klinge Lock & Safe, Locksmith, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

A lock is the chief symbol of security. If you need to feel more secure in your Cincinnati, OH residence or business, call upon the best locksmith in town. Klinge Lock & Safe is a 24-hour locksmith ready to assist with all manners of access control at any time.

How can you tell if they can trust the services of this Cincinnati locksmith? Klinge Lock & Safe is a veteran in the industry. With over 50 years of experience installing code locks, door locks and repairing safes, this security company has seen it all and understands how to deal with both emergency lockouts and strategic access control plans.

Locks and security systems have seen a lot of progress in the five decades during which Klinge Lock & Safe has been in business. In the beginning, basic door locks were enough to promote the safety of a home or business. With the advancement of technology arose complex access control systems - all of which Klinge Lock & Safe has mastered perfectly. From installing and repairing key card systems to inspecting and implementing a fingerprint scanner, Klinge's expert locksmiths are the crew to trust.

Klinge Lock & Safe operates all hours of the day and night. If a client is locked out of their own home or business, a Klinge locksmith will show up to defuse the situation. The major advantage of employing the services of the best locksmith in Cincinnati during a lockout situation is that the same locksmith will repair or re-install any locks that may have been damaged. What a wonderful kind of peace of mind it is to know that when a crisis hits, Klinge Lock & Safe can fully resolve it.

To learn more about this 24-hour locksmith, call (513) 961-2154 or visit Klinge Lock & Safe LLC online. 

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