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Cabarrus Health Alliance was created in 1997 as a successor to the Cabarrus County Health Department.  Organized as an independent governmental entity, Cabarrus Health Alliance is incorporated as the Public Health Authority of Cabarrus County.  The public health authority model is rooted in the belief that local public health problems are best addressed by local partnerships.  From its inception, the Board has expressed its philosophy and vision in its mission:  “To achieve the highest level of individual and community health through collaborative action.”

Cabarrus Health Alliance employs over 215 staff members across two locations, providing a comprehensive array of public health services to its 196,762 residents.  Through more than 70 services and programs, Cabarrus Health Alliance seeks to improve overall community health and eliminate health disparities by providing clinical services, health education, and prevention programming to community members.  Cabarrus Health Alliance provides environmental health protection; disease surveillance and prevention; and a vast range of clinical services that encompass:  breast health, comprehensive maternity and pediatric primary care, family planning, WIC, immunizations, dental services, case management, communicable disease services, and school nursing.

As an oral health provider, Cabarrus Health Alliance is firm believer in preventative care when it comes to family dentistry. To promote oral health from a young age, they put an emphasis on education as well as treatment through resources for children, parents, childcare providers, and teachers, as well as giving routine oral exams for preschool-aged children. Cabarrus Health Alliance dentists provide complete dental services for the entire family. Part of how they accomplish this is through an expansive selection of financing options for dental patients. They accept Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and a variety of private insurances—and a sliding fee scale for all Cabarrus County residents to ensure money is not a factor in whether or not individuals receive quality dental services.   

This year marks Cabarrus Health Alliance’s 20th anniversary.  The agency spent the past year diligently pursuing Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) recognition through the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).  If awarded, Cabarrus Health Alliance will become the first health department in the state to earn this designation, further signifying its ongoing commitment to meeting national standards and capacity for responding to public health emergencies.  The agency also launched the Network of Care (NOC) this year – a comprehensive online directory connecting residents to health services across the county. 

If you want a reliable and affordable health care center, Cabarrus Health Alliance has two convenient locations in Kannapolis and Concord (dental only), NC. To schedule a dental appointment, give them a call at (704) 920-1070. More information about their services is available online.

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At-home teeth cleaning is essential for a healthy smile. But, it’s not enough to simply brush. The dental team at Cabarrus Health Alliance in Kannapolis, NC, advise forming healthy more
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