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Cracks and holes in your asphalt driveway cause damage to your vehicle and your wallet. Family-owned and -operated I.T.S. Asphalt in Harrison, OH, provides the greater Cincinnati area with paving and asphalt repair for both residential and commercial properties.

These contractors specialize in asphalt maintenance and repairs, including seal coating for your business’s parking lot. They also handle jobs such as sealing cracks and adding striping. The team treats every project with honesty and integrity.

These experts are committed to keeping clients and work crews safe, so their workers are fully trained and equipped to complete the project in keeping with the highest standards. Whether you need asphalt repair or parking lot paving, they use only the best equipment available and have the training needed to get the job done. They take pride in every assignment they complete, with your satisfaction as their goal. They will keep the site clean upon completion, and pay attention to every detail.

Working with these asphalt contractors helps you get the most out of your paved surfaces. For prompt and reliable service you can count on, contact I.T.S. Asphalt at (513) 225-8208.

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