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Traditional Midwifery Care

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If you’re looking for a home birth midwifery practice to assist in your birthing plan, look to Nancy Farr, Certified Professional Midwife at Traditional Midwifery Care. Located in Lebanon, CT, Nancy proudly serves her community by providing quality midwifery and birthing care to the residents of Hartford and New London counties.

With more than 28 years of practice, and having attended more than 750 births throughout the area, she remains one of the most seasoned and longest standing midwife practices in the state of Connecticut. She is a fully certified professional midwife underneath the North American Registry of Midwives.

Dedicated to the benefits of the traditional home birthing model, she emphasizes the normalcy of the practice and does so without the assistance of any mainstream or modern medicine, unless necessary. By using a “hands-off” approach, the birthing process can take its natural course, reducing stress for both the mother and child.

While she wholeheartedly believes in a natural course, Nancy understands that unexpected issues and scenarios can arise. If they do, she is capable of taking appropriate action when warranted. If medical complications occur that result in need for a transfer to a medical facility, she will remain on-scene and fulfill her role as a labor-supporter throughout the remainder of the birthing process.

Stages of the birthing process with which she assists include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Birth plans
  • Home birth and natural births
  • Water births
  • Post-cesarean section vaginal births

If you are interested in an in-home birth for your baby, let the experienced Nancy Farr help you bring your beautiful child into the world. To call and speak with her at Traditional Midwifery Care, call (860) 463-7674 today. You can also read into her philosophy and services by visiting her online.

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