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There’s nothing easy about seeking legal advice for family issues. With over 18 years’ experience, Fulcher Law Firm aims to help residents of Stanly County, NC, with difficult matters such as domestic violence, divorce, and alimony. Attorneys at the Fulcher Law work relentlessly — day and night, weekday and weekend — to bring their clients the representation and justice they need to continue with their lives.

Anything from a speeding ticket to a criminal law domestic violence case can disrupt personal and family life — which is why a Fulcher attorney will help you with anything. Their expertise will guide you through the settlement of personal injury cases, the stress of a loved one or child facing time in court, or the threat of losing your license over a traffic violation.

Fulcher attorneys are determined to get you through any matter of family or criminal law. They’ll work with you at night or on the weekend to make sure your case sees swift and proper resolution. Take the first step towards resolution today by calling Fulcher Law Firm at (704) 984-6060 or visiting their website.

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Being in control of a boat is a significant responsibility, so the law takes alcohol impairment very seriously. In North Carolina, boaters who are convicted of controlling a vessel more
Whether you’re trying to get home or late for work, getting pulled over by the police is never part of the plan. However, it’s important to know what to expect should this ever more
  1 STAY home as much as you can. 2 KEEP a safe distance. 3 WASH hands often. 4 COVER your cough. 5 Feel SICK schedule a phone consult. 704-984-6060 read more
Dividing assets during divorce proceedings depend on whether you live in a community property division or an equitable distribution state. A community property state means more
If you're in an abusive relationship, it's important to know that domestic violence law is on your side. To assert your rights and secure the protection you need, start with the more
An arrest for driving while impaired (DWI) in North Carolina can lead to fines, community service, jail time, and, in severe cases, seizure of your vehicle and license. While the more
A DWI is a serious charge, so you need an aggressive legal team that understands the law and is committed to fighting for your rights. With nearly 20 years’ experience, the DWI more Online court services are available for handling some court business, including citation services, paying your ticket, court payments, more
Sometimes, it can be challenging to realize you’re in an unhealthy relationship. While an attorney can help you move forward with your life, it’s up to you to recognize that you more
A DWI is a serious charge, so you need an aggressive legal team that understands the law and is committed to fighting for your rights. With nearly 20 years’ experience, the DWI more
Many adults choose to open their homes to adoptive children, either to start a family or expand the one they already have. While adoption can be extremely rewarding for everyone more
If you’ve been accused of driving while intoxicated, your DWI attorney will strive to negotiate a fair settlement with the prosecutor. However, in some cases, a courtroom trial may more
Most couples take on debt throughout a marriage, whether it's for a mortgage, medical bill, car, or education. If you and your spouse took on debt intending to pay it off together, more
Much like divorce, couples who pursue legal separation must divide their marital assets and implement custody arrangements if they share children. However, while these terms are more
When you're getting a divorce, one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make regards child custody. Before you get into this challenging discussion with your ex, more
Domestic violence law is a practice area that most people don't know much about or, luckily, experience first-hand. However, if you ever find yourself in a scary situation, having a more
When you’re trying to make it to your destination, the sight of flashing lights in your rearview mirror can be frustrating. However, traffic violations exist to keep roads safe more
Divorce is an issue that's widely misunderstood, mostly due to a lack of understanding about the law and legal procedures. To most effectively navigate the end of a marriage, you more
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense. However, some drivers can get confused about what their legal charges entail, as the violation may be referred more
The process of adopting a child can be complicated, requiring the expertise of an adoption lawyer to work through frustrating jargon and confusing paperwork. However, the more
Adoption is a meaningful, beautiful way to give a home to a child in need while also growing your family. Before you can move forward, though, you’ll need to hire a qualified more
States like North Carolina require couples to complete a legal separation period before filing for divorce. And, similar to a divorce, legal separation can also have a binding more
In North Carolina, couples must go through a legal separation before filing for divorce. If you are considering divorce, you should know what the law requires. The following guide more
Even the most conscientious drivers have experienced getting pulled over for traffic violations. It's normal to feel nervous when you see the flashing lights of a police car in more
North Carolina imposes strict penalties on individuals who commit traffic violations. Having your license revoked or suspended can significantly affect your family, work, school, or more
In North Carolina, you can face some of the harshest penalty when you are convicted of a DWI. Because the state has implemented some of the strictest driving laws in the country, more
Whether you’re looking to start a family or expand, adoption can help you fulfill a lifelong dream and help a child in need. Given the sensitivity and importance of the matter, more
Even for adults, the concept of divorce and the complexities of family law can be difficult to fully accept and understand. It's even more challenging for kids, who often struggle more
When challenging a traffic ticket, drivers have the right to represent themselves in court, or hire capable attorneys who will represent them. They can also choose to just pay the more
Just as in other states, drug crimes can carry severe consequences in North Carolina. But while these charges may be serious, it’s important to note that not all situations carry more
American criminal laws state that anyone stopped and questioned by police has the right to maintain silence as a way to avoid incriminating themselves. But there are certain more
Driving under the influence endangers you and others on the road. It’s also a serious offense under criminal law and will result in consequences from fines to jail time. With Fourth more
Police are having a hard time distinguishing hemp and marijuana. This has resulted in legal headaches for many people. To shed light on the matter, here are some facts you need to more
Following a divorce, judges strive to ensure minor children still maintain positive, supportive home lives. When deciding what’s in the best interest of a child, they take more
Pets are a loved and cherished member of a lot of families. Some couples even consider their pet dog or cat as the children they never had. And, just like children, they're also more
Drug classifications vary from state to state, so being caught in possession of different types of drugs can carry different charges across state lines. If you’ve been arrested for more
Filing for divorce is never easy, but there are some factors that may make yours more complex than others. As you head into this legal process, you should be aware of how your more
Speeding is undoubtedly one of the most common traffic violations. Indeed, if you get ticketed for doing so, it’s fairly easy to brush it off because “everyone does it.” At the end more
Adopting a child is an enormous responsibility, giving you all the legal rights and obligations of birth parents. To protect the safety of children, each state has legal safeguards more
Family law requires judges to base custody decisions solely on the best interests of the child, so accusations of domestic violence are taken very seriously. While a parent who has more
From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the beaches of the Outerbanks, North Carolina is home to many beautiful natural sights. To ensure the animal inhabitants of these areas are more
If your marriage is failing but you’re not ready for a divorce, a legal separation can provide the freedom you need without giving up the benefits of a being married. Some of the more
Adopting a child is a dream for many people, including same-sex couples who want to start a family of their own. While family law in every state gives these hopeful parents the more
Going through marital trouble is difficult enough without knowing how best to proceed with a divorce or separation. Consulting with an experienced divorce attorney before making any more
If you can’t find common ground with your spouse during a divorce, you might have no choice but to let a family law judge settle the matter for you. When deciding what arrangement more
In the state of North Carolina, unmarried mothers automatically receive primary custody of their children. Unmarried fathers, on the other hand, must go through the courts if they more
The holidays can be a magical time of year, especially if you have children. However, if you have recently gone through a divorce and are sharing custody, the holidays can increase more
Nowadays, it’s relatively common to have a blended family. However, just because bringing together children from different parents is fairly typical does not mean it’s easy. In more
Guardianship and adoption are often confused with one another, but they are two distinct methods of caring for a child whose biological parents are unable to do so. If you are more
A drunk driving arrest can be an unsettling experience, and a conviction can lead to a loss of driving privileges, fines, and jail time. To be as prepared as possible for the DWI more
The outcome of a child custody case can impact a parent’s relationship with their children, so these issues are often contentious and difficult to resolve. When parents are more
The legalities of ending a marriage can be confusing. One area spouses tend to overlook is the issue of taxes. As you navigate the process, you’ll have to make several more
Adoption is one of the most rewarding ways to build a family. However, the process can be full of challenges. You must properly prepare to meet all the requirements and more
Speeding tickets and other traffic violations may not seem like serious offenses, but the consequences go much further than the immediate penalties. In addition to the fines and more
We at Fulcher Law Firm would like to thank all of our clients for allowing us to serve you.  We hope that you are having an enjoyable summer.  Check out our webpage at more
For couples that have kids, working out a child custody arrangement is typically the most challenging part of a divorce or legal separation. It’s ideal when parents can come to an more
Getting pulled over for DWI can be nerve-racking, but understanding what to expect makes the situation less tense for everyone involved. Experienced DWI attorneys caution that more
Traffic violations may not seem like a big deal, but they are considered criminal offenses. Along with the fine, insurance premiums will likely spike, and individuals more
Today, almost everyone uses social media to stay in touch with friends and family. Under normal circumstances, this is fine; but, if you’re in the process of terminating your more
Drug abuse is a serious problem in the U.S., but federal and state government officials show little mercy to those charged with possession and other related crimes. Penalties can more
Losing custody of a child is a painful experience for a parent. Family law courts take the best interests of minors seriously, and it’s often challenging to change their ruling. more
While meeting with a family law attorney and drawing up a prenuptial agreement may not seem like a particularly romantic part of wedding planning, it can be a valuable investment in more
BE TRUTHFUL.  Do not lie to your attorney.  Be honest and forthcoming with all of the details that could be beneficial and detrimental to the outcome of your custody more
For those who want to grow their families, adoption is an excellent choice. However, the process isn’t simple. Every state requires adoptive parents to navigate a more
There are several diversion programs available for first time criminal offenders in North Carolina.  This can help provide folks with a second chance.  Call us today to more
Getting a divorce is emotionally trying. It’s not unusual for these couples to go through several stages of grief, similar to when a loved one passes away. After spending more
Have you been denied a permit to purchase a firearm?  Have you been denied your concealed carry permit?  Are you barred from owning a firearm?  We believe strongly in more
Physical abuse is easy to identify and, when it leaves a mark, easy to prove. Emotional abuse, on the other hand, is harder to recognize, as it often involves subtle manipulation more
Every year, approximately 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving. This shockingly high number illustrates how important it is for everyone to be aware of the issues more
When courts make decisions about child custody, the outcome hinges on what is in the best interest of the kid. North Carolina divorce and family law attorneys deal with a variety of more
Domestic violence affects individuals of every gender, race, class, and educational background. If you have been the victim of such abuse, it is possible to bring litigation against more
North Carolina DWI’s are never something that you plan for and most are not prepared on how to respond and how to protect themselves.  Planning in advance can allow the more
With a legal separation, the marriage contract is not officially dissolved, but the spouses usually live separately and have their own individual interests and lives. While more
Your driving record is one of the biggest factors insurance companies take into consideration when determining how much you should pay for coverage. Those with a history of more
Accidents often occur without warning. As such, many victims are left unsure of how to move forward. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto collision, a worksite incident, or a more
Family law deals with many aspects of relationships, from child custody to divorce. Whether you’re planning to file for separation or just want to learn more about your options, more
Legal separation allows a married couple to become separated without getting divorced. Depending on the couple, the process is sometimes preferred to permanently dissolving the more
Under North Carolina’s domestic violence laws, victims’ rights are preserved by both civil and criminal protections. There are many different ways a partner may inflict more
Routine traffic violations may seem like no big deal, so when you get a ticket, you might be tempted to just pay the fine and move on. However, keep in mind that paying a traffic more
If you no longer wish to live with your spouse, but you remain uncertain whether you want a divorce, you may want to consider a legal separation. While both require a legal more
Domestic violence law gives victims a variety of tools for separating themselves from their abusers, but many often require the help of a family, friend, or coworker before taking more
For anyone facing charges, a criminal law attorney is an essential part of your defense. These professionals represent your side, advise you about what to expect, and coach you more
When someone is arrested for driving while impaired (DWI), they might not realize how significant an impact it can have on their future. DWI attorneys know how these charges affect more
Going through a divorce is hard enough for you, let alone your children. While your lawyers try to negotiate a settlement, your kids are left to wonder what’s happening and how more
For most people, the intricacies of the law are confusing at best and downright stressful at worst. Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure you understand the law, how it more