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Recognized as a leading provider of children’s medicine in Brockport, NY, Tinkelman Pediatrics offers young patients a wide range of comprehensive services to keep their health on track. Serving all patients from birth to age 21, Dr. David Tinkelman is an experienced, friendly pediatrician that makes children’s wellbeing his priority.

Tinkelman Pediatrics is a complete health resource that can support your child as they grow. Starting with baby care services, Dr. Tinkelman tracks your newborn’s development and ensures they receive proper immunizations on time. As a caring professional who makes an effort to listen to parents, he’ll answer any questions you may have about your newborn. As your young one gets older, children’s wellness exams and sports physicals are also available alongside general health services.

In addition to routine preventive care, Tinkelman Pediatrics is responsive and efficient when it comes to illnesses. Offering same-day sick visits, Dr. Tinkelman remains committed to getting children the help they need fast, whether they have an ear infection or a cough. He understands how important it is for parents to stay informed about their child’s health and progress. Because of this, he gives frequent updates and explains possible treatment options when necessary.

Practicing pediatric care for more than 15 years, Dr. Tinkelman is praised for treating children with respect and putting them at ease when they come in for appointments. Invested in the long-term health of his patients, this provider takes the time to get to know your child and recognizes them as individuals. Similarly, the office staff aims to deliver nothing less than exceptional service, which is why parents will find that scheduling visits, asking questions, and getting care is a stress-free process. For greater flexibility, they also have office hours on Saturday. 

Visit Tinkelman Pediatrics for more information on the pediatric care services available at their office. To schedule an appointment for your child with this Brockport pediatrician, contact a friendly staff member today at (585) 637-0060.

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