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InspectorUSA, Inc. (License #HI-2003)

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InspectorUSA, Inc. (License #HI-2003), Home Inspection, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Buying a new home is a serious investment that requires as little risk as possible. When you're thinking of spending your savings on a real estate investment, who do you trust to tell you if your choice is a sound one? You trust professional home inspectors. In central and Eastern Kentucky, InspectorUSA, Inc. is the home inspection service you should trust.

With 29 years of experience as certified home inspectors, InspectorUSA, Inc. has the knowledge and experience befitting a nervous soon-to-be homeowner. InspectorUSA knows that while a home might look dazzling on the surface, hideous surprises can literally lurk in walls, beneath floorboards and in basements. In most cases, these surprises aren't ones a brand new homeowner is equipped to deal with.

Even veteran homeowners and investors can benefit from the services of certified home inspectors. Inspection services for long-time homeowners are geared especially toward landlords and real estate investors. Landlords can truly benefit from a property condition assessment between tenants. In fact, hiring professional home inspectors to do the job may serve as the official determining factor of a tenant's move-in deposit refund. InspectorUSA, Inc. can conduct a thorough home inspection efficiently and quickly, allowing landlords a shorter interval between tenants.

Count on Central and Eastern Kentucky's veteran group of certified home inspectors to help you know what you're in for as a prospective or current homeowner. Call (859) 420-4872 to schedule your home inspection or visit InspectorUSA, Inc. online.

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