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CleanPower - A Marsden Company

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CleanPower - A Marsden Company, Building Cleaning Services, Services, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

When you own or operate a business, you understand how essential it is that your facilities be clean, well maintained, and comfortable. A polished environment encourages productivity and presents a professional image to your clients or customers. Clean Power - A Marsden Company, the premier commercial cleaning service in Stevens Point, WI, specializes in helping businesses put their best foot forward with their expert building maintenance and janitorial services.

They provide top-notch floor and window cleaning, as well as comprehensive facility maintenance completed by highly trained and experienced employees. In addition to cleaning and general repairs, their team even handles facility services like installing and maintaining HVAC systems. Whatever your company size, building type, or industry, this world-class building cleaning service can handle the unique challenges of your operation. They have experience with everything from branch banks to medical facilities and Fortune 500 distribution centers.

They offer personalized, local service to the Greater Stevens Point area, but are part of a larger corporation, Marsden, that has more than 10,000 employees operating in 46 states. Moreover, they’ve been in business for 65 years, providing them with the experience and expertise necessary to foresee and address any commercial cleaning issues that might arise on the job.    

They hire only the most qualified and trustworthy individuals who are put through extensive training before being sent out on jobs. Both the company and its employees are renowned for their integrity and attention to detail, as well as for making "being green" a priority. They use only Green Seal© certified cleaning products and continue to implement CRI Green Label Certified© equipment into their services. 

Clean Power - A Marsden Company gives customers the benefits of a national cleaning company with the dedication of a local firm. Visit their website for contact details, or call (715) 343-8837 to discuss your commercial cleaning needs with a friendly, helpful representative.

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