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CBM Systems, L.L.C. - A Marsden Company

CBM Systems, L.L.C. - A Marsden Company

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CBM Systems, L.L.C. - A Marsden Company, Building Cleaning Services, Services, Spokane, Washington

Marsden Northwest provides security and mechanical and commercial cleaning services to local businesses throughout the Spokane, WA, area. For over 65 years, Marsden has been expanding across the country, serving clients in almost every industry, including finance, health care, and many Fortune 50 distribution centers, and is proud to be one of the country’s largest private commercial cleaning and security firms.

Marsden companies operate under three main driving principles: Integrity, intelligence, and innovation. With these principles informing their actions, they have forged lasting relationships with clients, who trust them to use the best technology and most efficient cleaning techniques. Marsden companies are also committed to sustainability and clean indoor air quality, therefore using green cleaning products when possible.

While Marsden is a large entity, that doesn’t mean it’s far removed from your community: Every office focuses its recruiting efforts on the local area and is about 97% self-managed. Marsden also donates 10% of its pre-tax profits to local organizations. In short, you can think of Marsden as a valuable and reliable partner in the community.

Maintaining a clean and safe working environment is paramount for your employees’ health. It’s hard work, but it doesn’t have to take away from your core business. If you work in the Greater Spokane, WA, area and want commercial cleaning services, Marsden Northwest has the expertise you need. To request an estimate, give them a call at (509) 324-1814. More information about their office cleaning, security, and mechanical services is available online.

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