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31 years ago, Gary Burris brought Carolina Roofing to his lifelong community of Concord, NC. Decades of passionate and dedicated service brought the Carolina Roofing name into households throughout Carrabus County, allowing Gary to hand-pick five trustworthy and experienced roofing contractors. The Carolina Roofing team provides roof installation, repair, and renovation for residences and businesses — and because Gary cares deeply about the community, he’ll beat any reasonable price. He also offers a discount for senior citizens and veterans.

These roofing contractors take great pride in their work because they understand how important it is. Roofs are visually and functionally vital to a house, so they need the type of individual care and attention only an expert local operation like Carolina Roofing can provide. Gary’s select roofing contractors can take on any roofing task in no time, from installing fiberglass shingles to repairing extensive storm damage.

Your search for a trustworthy, expert roofing contractor is over — ask anyone who’s done business with Gary before. He knows that his clients want affordability, dependability, and quality, and it shows in any job he completes. For roofing professionals who do more than just fulfill the contract, call Gary at (704) 786-8464 or visit his website.

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