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In order to keep your home well-maintained, you may need to remodel it from time to time. Those who aren't handy in the area of house repairs often find themselves employing multiple handymen over time. But, if you live in the Cincinnati, OH area, you're in luck; Affordable Handyman is your one-stop home improvement service. Not only can they manage all of your handyman projects but they can do it with efficiency and at an affordable cost.

Sound ethics are a defining factor of this thirty-year-old Hudson area home improvement service. Whether it stems from confidence in the quality of their work or from pure generosity, Affordable Handyman is just that - affordable. Regardless of the type of work you need done, this mainstay in home repair does not charge any fees up front, and you are charged per project, not by the hour. In fact, each of their technicians is happy to survey your project and provide a free estimate with no strings attached. As if that's not already a homeowner's dream-come-true, this home improvement service will only charge you once the project is complete.

Affordable Handyman is also trustworthy. Their solid reputation can be credited to the stringent requirements they place upon each of their technicians. Affordable Handyman ensures that each technician:

  • Has ten or more years of experience as a general contractor.
  • Is drug free (ensured by way of periodic drug testing).
  • Has passed a thorough background screening.
  • Has a broad knowledge of home repair concepts, from plumbing to roofing to laying down tiles.

Independently owned, insured and locally operated, Affordable Handyman is prime proof that local business is best. With just one phone call to schedule a single appointment, you can take care of all your home repair needs. Affordable Handyman crews are equipped to treat each of your handyman projects professionally and yield quality results. Call (513) 851-9333 to speak or visit Affordable Handyman online to schedule a free estimate. 

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