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All for Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic, Occupational Therapists, Health and Beauty, Anchorage, Alaska

Congenital conditions, injury, and disease can impact children’s development and set the groundwork for their quality of life. That’s why the professionals at All For Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Anchorage, AK believe therapy is crucial for early childhood development. Since 2005, their pediatric therapy clinic has been providing effective programs to improve language and motor skills from infancy through adolescence.   

As a parent, you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy. If a condition impairs their growth, the experienced staff at this Anchorage clinic can help. They understand the frustrations children and their families face regarding delayed development. After speaking with the family, they'll tailor a course of therapy to address your child’s needs. They use exercises to address movement patterns and strengthen kids’ muscles, and speech pathology treatment to remedy communication and feeding difficulties. With each child therapy session, your little one will gradually gain the necessary skills to meet life’s daily demands.

Not just committed to in-house treatment, the staff provides families with tools for at-home care. During occupational therapy classes, adults learn how to help kids with functional skills, like oral techniques for eating, hand-eye coordination, and visual awareness. Parents also learn techniques to correct behavioral patterns and help kids begin to care for themselves. 

All For Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic sets themselves apart from similar facilities through their wide range of specialized child therapy services all under one roof. Whether your little one requires speech therapy, physical therapy to strengthen mobility, or additional treatment, the team has the qualifications to help. All employees hold certification in their fields of expertise, including sensory integration, therapeutic listening, motor training, and additional techniques. You can be assured knowing they're up to date on the latest methods to care for your kids. The staff also takes children’s comfort into account. They'll answer questions and do everything needed to put young minds at ease in a friendly, safe environment.

To learn more about child therapy options in Anchorage, Alaska, call (907) 345-0050 to speak to an informative staff member. Visit All For Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic online to learn how their child development programs will benefit your kids, and like the clinic on Facebook for updates.

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