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Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health

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The topic of sex opens up a myriad of intimate discussions that may leave you with feelings of guilt, sadness, or other strong emotions. At Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health located in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Janet Brito provides individuals and couples with sex-positive therapy that’ll help you gain confidence in your sexuality and in who you are as a person.

Dr. Brito understands everyone comes from different walks of life, making certain topics more difficult to express for some than for others. Whether you’re concerned about out of control sexual behavior (aka as sex addiction), or are having trouble being intimate with your partner, struggling with your gender or sexual identity, or are navigating a non-traditional arrangement such as an open relationship, Dr. Brito will help you address your concerns through quality therapy sessions.

The Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health also deal with issues surrounding women’s and men’s sexual and reproductive health including infertility, and other scenarios that may involve intense emotions. LGBTQIA individuals who experience feelings of shame or are struggling to come out can also benefit from her affirming therapy.

Whether you opt for an in-person session at Dr. Brito’s Honolulu office or would rather take part in an online, HIPPA-secure video conference from the comfort of your home, you’ll benefit from this knowledgeable service. Don’t continue on a mental path that’s destructive to your sexual health and wellbeing. Enlist the services of Dr. Janet Brito at the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. To speak with their staff, or to schedule your very own appointment call (808) 225-2780. You can also reach out to them online