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Rodgers Christian Counseling

"Quality Professional Care for Individuals, Couples & Families with a Sensitive Emphasis on Christian Values and Truths"

Rodgers Christian Counseling

6412 Bannington Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226
(704) 364-9176
Rodgers Christian Counseling, Psychologists & Counselors, Health and Beauty, Charlotte, North Carolina

In order to resolve complicated issues, true Christians must resolve to be closer to God. With Rodgers Christian Counseling, residents of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas can find their way through their troubles through Jesus Christ. Founded by Drs Tom and Beverly Rodgers, the acclaimed Love Soul Healers, this accomplished group of psychologists and counselors base their guidance and mental health services primarily on Christian beliefs and interpretations.

Though Tom (a former pastor) and Beverly (a marital and family therapist) are often busy spreading God's wisdom through their books and speaking events, they do take on limited clients. However, their hand-picked staff of soul healers are specially trained by them to help those who are lost, disturbed or hurting.

Rodgers' services include:

  • individual counseling
  • couple counseling
  • relationship and premarital counseling
  • family therapy
  • play therapy
  • They also offer a variety of of Soul Healing Love therapies that focus on depression, trauma survival, singlehood issues, sexual issues, finances and much more.

Their sound guidance is a mixture of The Bible's teachings and the latest scientific theories and observations.

The Rodgers believe that, as Christians, they serve The Lord by providing those in need with affordable counseling services. Low-cost therapy is hard to come by, but no one should suffer in silence due to financial issues. This Christian counseling program gives couples and individuals a chance to mend their families and find inner piece for a fraction of the typical cost of therapy.

To start your own mental wellness journey through Christ, call (704) 364-9176 or visit Rodgers Christian Counseling online.