Kailua, Hawaii

Oahu Gymnastics & Ninja LLC

Oahu Gymnastics & Ninja LLC

201 Kapa'a Quary Pl., Building 51
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 261-9141
Oahu Gymnastics & Ninja LLC, Gymnastics, Family and Kids, Kailua, Hawaii

Oahu Gymnastics and Ninja is an exciting tumbling and gymnastics center on Oahu, HI, that offers a wide range of activities and classes for both beginner and advanced students. Building self-confidence and improving physical abilities, these programs are an exceptional outlet for children from toddlers to teens.

Specializing in gymnastics classes, Oahu Gymnastics and Ninja is a fantastic place for kids to pick up new skills or learn about the sport for the first time. Younger participants will delight in TumbleTots, a parent-child program structured to help toddlers learn and practice the basics of balancing and jumping. Boys and girls who are over the age of 5 and are up for a challenge can take more advanced strength training, eventually mastering the fun rings, pole vault, and parallel bars. Athletes who are ready to embrace the competitive side of the sport can also join one of three age-specific team gymnastics programs that they offer. 

Beyond gymnastic training programs, Oahu Gymnastics and Ninja is prized by parents and children alike for their expansive children fitness classes. They offer innovative ninja kid classes that borrow from martial arts and parkour practices. Children who can’t get enough of the tumbling life are also invited to have their birthday parties at the gymnastics center for a fun-filled day of games, treats, and inflatable obstacle courses.

Oahu Gymnastics and Ninja was founded by two gymnastic coaches who have a passion for teaching young athletes all about the sport. Understanding that every child is unique, this team takes the time to introduce students to tumbling, all while making sure to encourage them with positive reinforcement along the way.

If your child is looking for something new to experience, there’s always something entertaining going on at Oahu Gymnastics and Ninja. Visit this kids’ fitness center online to learn more about their available programs or call (808) 261-9141 to enroll your child in gymnastic training in Kailua, HI.  

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