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Parker Solutions LLC, Heating & Air, Services, Elko, Nevada

When it comes to your comfort, Parker Solutions LLC is an HVAC contractor that doesn’t take shortcuts. As the leading heating system and air conditioning repair service in Elko, NV, this team of specialists takes pride in delivering responsive and reliable solutions to ensure your temperature is always ideal.  

With extensive experience in the heating and cooling industry, Parker Solutions LLC can troubleshoot and repair many different types of air conditioners and heating systems. They can fix refrigerant leaks, inspect electrical issues, or provide routine HVAC maintenance when you need to stay refreshed during the hot Nevada summers. And when winter arrives, this Elko heating contractor can address furnace repair issues, including faulty thermostats, insufficient fuel levels, and broken blower fans.

If your climate control system is out of service or has become energy-inefficient, this HVAC contractor can equip your home or business with new solutions. In addition to electrical heater and AC replacement, they can install furnaces that run on other fuel sources such as pellet, gas, and wood. Whatever you need, you can expect the best, as these technicians use the top names in the heating and cooling, such as Lennox®, Daikin©, and Goodman®.

Licensed, insured, and backflow certified Parker Solutions LLC aims to provide homeowners with peace of mind during the HVAC repair process. Whether you need an installation or minimal AC work, this contractor is always glad to answer questions you may have and discuss your options. Confident in the quality and value of their work, this team backs their services with free estimates and warranties.

Visit Parker Solutions LLC online to learn more about their available HVAC repair services in and around the Elko, NV, area. To schedule a service or request a free estimate, contact them at (775) 738-4681.

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