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From flooding prevention to water damage restoration, A Gombos Basement Waterproofing is equipped with the top-notch tools and knowledge needed to keep your home safe and dry. Serving the community for more than 55 years, this Bethany, CT, waterproofing contractor has earned the trust of numerous homeowners for their speedy, honest, and reliable service.

As firm believers in the power of prevention, the specialists at A Gombos Basement Waterproofing are well-versed in the best ways to reduce the risk of water damage. You can count on this team to provide sump pump installation to ensure your home can remove flood water in a safe and efficient manner. And in cases where you need to defend against a damp or leaky basement, this waterproofing contractor can design custom drainage systems and apply long-lasting foundation sealer.

If you have a flooded basement, this company exhibits an exceptional restoration crew that can extract water, dry out spaces, and repair leaks to prevent further damage. For example, these can provide in-depth foundation repair to stop flooding at the source and help your home maintain its structural strength. In the event you need sump pump repair, these technicians have experience with all kinds of equipment and have the ability to identify and resolve mechanical problems quickly.

A Gombos Basement Waterproofing has built a strong reputation for their unwavering commitment to helping Connecticut homeowners protect their properties during any season. From the start, this licensed and insured contractor aims to deliver responsive care and accurate assessments. That’s why they back their work with written unconditional guarantees and fair estimates.

Visit A Gombos Basement Waterproofing online to learn more about the ways they can help you repair leaky basements or step up flooding prevention. To request references or an estimate, contact this Bethany, CT, waterproofing contractor at (203) 393-3009.

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