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Looking for an Apple device expert in your area? Experimax Canton OH, is your leading expert in all things Apple®. Proudly Serving Canton and Massillon, Experimax Canton OH lets you conveniently buy, sell, and trade used Apple products.

As the area's leader in repairs, you can rest assured that Experimax Canton OH can address any unexpected error or malfunction in your device. If your iMac®, iPad®, iPhone® or MacBook® product isn’t working properly, their technicians will check for a variety of causes, including water damage, drive failure, and port malfunctions, among others. If problems are found, they also offer repair services for virtually any of your Apple® brand products including but not limited to screen repair, speaker repair, battery repair and replacement, glass replacement, liquid cleaning, and microphone or camera repair.

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned product, Experimax Canton OH stands by the devices they put up for re-sale. All used Apple® products placed and sold at Experimax Canton OH must first undergo an evaluation and certification process where the device is inspected and fully tested. Only those that pass the meticulous inspection are deemed to be in a well enough condition to sell in the store. Refurbished products they sell include iPhones®, iPads®, Mac® computers and laptops, smart watches, and accessories.

In addition to their repair services and a large selection of used Apple® products available for sale, Experimax Canton OH offers system upgrades to any Apple brand device that may require it. All repairs, sales, and upgrades include a Limited Warranty so customers can be confident that they are receiving a good deal on all their services. To find out more about the products they service and sell, call one of their knowledgeable technicians at (330) 409-7005, or visit them on their website.

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In general, iPhone® devices are designed to function in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees. If your Apple® device exceeds this range, it can overheat and experience internal more
SUMMER SALE!! We have a fresh batch of MacBooks ready to go. Comes with One Year warranty and charger.  We have plenty of other models too, these are in stock all summer. Stop more
PRICE DROP on iPhone Screen and Battery!! No appointment needed. Most repairs 1 Hour or less.  Call or stop in today! (330)409-7005 Experimax Canton OH is your local more
After you own an iPad® for several years, it can start to show some signs of its age. Instead of continuing to use it in a frustrating manner or investing a large sum of money more
Purchasing your first laptop can be an exciting and liberating experience; not only are the possibilities for creation and exploration endless, but you can take them with you more
Today's children are spending more and more time using electronics to play, connect with loved ones, and learn. You can help make this time productive and fun by choosing good more
Whether you’re logging onto your Apple® device or setting up a Wi-Fi network, your password is vital to your security. While you might think the chances of getting hacked more
Whether you’re typing up a word document or editing an image in Photoshop®, seeing clearly on your Mac® device wouldn’t be possible without the help of pixels on your screen. Every more
MacBook® laptops are beloved for their sleek design and high-quality operating system. While they are also known for their resilience to malware, it’s still important to take extra more
In addition to their elegant design and a multitude of apps, Apple® products also have a high level of security. Compared to other brands, they’re not as susceptible to catching more
If you’re currently looking to buy an Apple® device to support you on the road, you probably have a few questions. Because iPad® tablets and MacBook® laptops more
Whether you rely on your laptop for work or leisure, you don’t want to deal with sluggish speeds and freezing programs. A number of factors play into speed, and over time, Apple® more
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iPhone® devices have introduced a completely new world of entertainment and information, and as a parent, it’s important to take advantage of this. Apps can help with cognitive more
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You rely on your MacBook® for everyday tasks, such as sending e-mails or streaming movies. While these devices are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability, eventually more
Like all Apple® products, iPhone® devices are solid investments that will hold their resale value for years. When it’s time to upgrade to the newest model, you can usually sell more
For most people, their iPhone® never leaves their side. It goes with them everywhere, from school or work to the gym. Because of this constant flurry of activity, there’s a high more
Whether you were taking a photo by the pool or quickly checking a text message by the kitchen sink, if you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone®, don’t panic. If you’re quick, you more
Most college students are required to have a laptop computer to complete their coursework, and Apple® products offer MacBook® options in varying sizes, specifications, and more
January MacBook® Deal 13" MacBook Pro® for $549! Mid 2012 model, i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD.  Sale lasts through the end of Jan. Includes 1-year warranty, MagSafe1 charger, more
Modern technologies like MacBook® computers and iPhone® devices offer many practical uses for child rearing. Maybe you keep your toddler occupied during road trips with more
Creating a backup of all of your files is essential for preventing data loss. Not only does it ensure a complete copy is safely stored in an alternate location, but it also supplies more
Since most people carry their phones with them everywhere they go, it’s nearly impossible to miss a photo opportunity. Whether it’s a shot of a tasty breakfast or a cute cat, you more
When you work from home or use your personal computer for business, experiencing a computer problem can feel like a life or death emergency. The good news is that users can follow a more
Apple® products—from desktop and laptop computers to phones and tablets—are exceptionally functional on their own. However, you can get even more out of them if you invest in a few more
When it comes to purchasing new or pre-owned Apple®️ devices, many consumers are under the assumption that Apple® devices can never become infected with viruses. While it’s more
Experimac Canton OH makes financing Apple® computers, MacBook® laptops, iPad® tablets and iPhone® devices simple. At Experimac Canton OH, we take the risk out of more
Whether they prefer Apple® products or Android devices, college students are some of the most high-intensity users of smartphone technology in the United States. Unfortunately, more
Now through the end of 2018, Experimac Canton OH is offering $25.00 OFF Mac mini devices, and throwing in a FREE Apple® keyboard to sweeten the deal! The Mac mini Unibody can be more
Looking to purchase a laptop for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Before you buy, consider a high-quality, certified pre-owned MacBook® laptop from Experimac more
Thank you to those who have served our country. All veterans get 10% discount (up to $50) on all repair services and computer purchase with a military ID.  read more
You rely on your computer each day to store important information, such as documents, photos, and music. However, losing that data could be devastating. That is why more
Each year, Apple, Inc.® releases a collection of new and improved products that shake up the industry and get devoted fans to pull out their credit cards. Each year, Apple products more
FREE Computer Diagnostic! Bring your Apple® computers for free check up at Experimac Canton OH.   Our highly trained Apple technicians are well-versed in the technology more
Mac Mini® starting at $329! Pair it up with a monitor and keyboard/mouse, and you have a full computer capable of all your daily tasks plus multimedia tasks. Visit us and check them more
Apple® products have a reputation for outstanding quality and innovative design. It’s these characteristics that make the iPhone® the world’s leading smartphone year after more
While plenty of people understand that a hard drive holds applications, documents, pictures, files, and everything else on your computer, understanding more
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There is a common myth surrounding Apple® products and other electronic devices which states that leaving a fully charged phone or tablet battery plugged in will wear it more
If you need a computer upgrade, you must first decide whether to buy a laptop or desktop. Although laptops have become the more popular choice over the years, there are still more
Don’t miss out Back To School Sale at Experimac!  You still have time to save!  0% interest financing available Our highly trained Apple technicians are more
Even though it feels like summer just started, it’s time to start preparing for school again. Alongside the various textbooks and other supplies needed, a computer usually ranks more
If you’re unhappy with your computer, you might need to decide between an Apple® upgrade or replacement. In some cases, a replacement is the clear choice, such as when there’s more
If your computer is too old to support software updates or you experience constant problems with system performance, it might be time to retire the machine and invest in an upgrade. more
If you love Apple® products, you’re most likely on the lookout for all of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Fortunately, this year has been a particularly exciting one for the more
10.5" iPad Pro® WiFi, 64GB, FREE keyboard cover. $629 Our highly trained Apple technicians are well-versed in the technology behind each model, old and new, and will suggest the more
13" MacBook Pro Retina® - 2017 model, i5, 8GB, 128GB, space gray. FREE brand new premium leather cover. - full-grain leather, 100% real wool felt inside. All for $1099!! Only 1 more
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Over the years, there has been a sharp divide in the consumer computer world—you’re either an Apple® person or a PC user. For some, the difference is simply a matter of style and more
SAMSUNG 860 EVO SSD 250GB on SALE! Only $149 for part, installation, and data transfer if you have data to transfer. Powered by Samsung V-NAND Technology. Optimized Performance more
Apple® products are known for their ability to adapt to new software as it progresses. However, over the years, many MacBook® users find their laptops no longer have more
It’s commonly believed that Apple® products cannot get viruses. While they’re substantially more secure than other systems, a MacBook® running OS X® is still vulnerable to some more
Great Gift for Dads and Grads! iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB – $799(includes Apple Pen), iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB – $699 MacBook laptops starting from $299 to $1600. iMac desktops more
Your computer’s hard drive is responsible for storing everything from your operating system to your precious photos. If it fails, you run the risk of losing important data you might more
The macOS® High Sierra is the latest Apple® upgrade. If you’re a Mac® user, you’ve probably received a notification to update your device. Here are the major changes you’ll see with more
Mac® computers don’t usually run into many problems, but some owners encounter startup trouble periodically. These problems are often easy to fix and don’t require a more
Mother's Day Sale! (May 2 ~ May 15) $299 - 13" MB Unibody C2D 2010 $649 - 13" MB Pro i5, 500GB 2012 $799 - 13" MB Pro i5, SSD(250GB) 2012 $899 - 15" MB Pro i7, 750GB, Matte display more
If your iPhone® isn’t maintaining a charge as long as it used to, you don’t need to rush out to buy a new one. Investing in a new battery from an Apple® repair professional will more
Apple® products are revered for their modern engineering, ease of use and consistent software upgrades. One of the most recent innovations is the MacBook Pro® Touch more
NEW ARRIVAL! 15" MacBook Pro Retina - Touch Bar.  Latest model(2017), i7 processor, 16GB, 250GB, 2GB dedicated graphic. Valid AppleCare until Jan.1, 2021. $1999. Only 1 more
You can’t go wrong when deciding to buy Apple® devices. Whether you choose a MacBook®, iPad®, or iPhone®, you might be surprised at the difference, especially when upgrading from a more
ANNIVERSARY SALE! Don't miss our anniversary celebration for the entire month of April! Special sale on 13" MacBook Pro, Retina models and many more. Come see us and let us help you more
Apple® is one of the most famous brands in the world. Whether it’s a computer, tablet, or phone, you see the familiar devices almost everywhere. Owning Apple products is more more
If you’re in the market for high-performance technology, a certified pre-owned Apple® computer will check off all the boxes on your wish list. These popular devices are in more
Spring Break Sale – 13” MacBook Pro! $599  this week only! 2012, 2.5GHz i5 processor, 4GB, 500GB.  Free Keyboard cover, 1-YEAR WARRANTY. read more
NEW ARRIVAL - iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB, Wifi & Cellular This is the latest model with A10X processor chip. Capable of recording 4K video at 30fps. 2732X2048 resolution at 264ppi. $ more
NEW ARRIVAL - 27" iMac Thin & 5K Bigger screen and higher resolution to make your computing work more productive! Come check them out! We have some high performance 27" models.& more
If you’re interested in the most innovative gadgets on the market, Apple® products are an ideal fit for you. But to ensure you’re happy with your purchase for years to come, more
13” MacBook Air® for $899. i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. Charger, keyboard cover, 1-year warranty included. 90days, 6 or 12months 0% interest financing available. Hurry! more
Whether you’re shopping for school, work, or entertainment, buying a laptop is a serious investment. It makes sense to consider all options, especially if you’re trying to stick to more
15” MacBook Pro Retina for sale!!! i7 processor, 16GB, 500GB SSD, dedicated graphic chip.  Only $1450!!! 1-year warranty 0% financing available read more
The iPhone® battery is known for its long charges and overall life span, but it’s not built to last forever. At some point, your device may not stay powered on as long as it used to, more
Rather than paying for professional computer upgrades, many users try to do them alone. Unfortunately, you can do more harm than good when performing DIY maintenance. If& more
A quality computer can maintain high performance and last many years with proper care. Even the most high-end device sometimes needs computer repair, but the symptoms may not more
If you’re in the market for new Apple® products, it’s natural to shop around to find the best value for your money. However, you might be missing out on fantastic deals if you’re more
Buying a brand-new computer is a hefty investment. Fortunately, there are many computer upgrades available to improve your machine without adding a large expense to your more
15% OFF!!! on all iPad® & iPhone® Comes with charger and cable. read more
Every iPad® owner has been there — one minute you’re swiping away and the next you’re staring at a device covered or, worse, completely submerged in liquid. Whether because of a more
If your iPhone® screen is cracked or your MacBook® is running slowly, you don’t have to break the bank for a new device. Instead, consider taking it to Experimac Canton OH in Stark more
As dynamic and impressive as Apple® is as a company, their products are still vulnerable to breaking down over time or suffering damage if dropped. Since the devices are such more
Whether you’re a technology veteran or a newbie looking for a shiny new piece of gear, few shopping trips are more exciting than heading out to buy Apple® devices. For those more
For most people, access to a laptop is a must to make it through their daily routine. Whether you require online access for your job or you use your laptop to stay on top of more
Have the new MacBook Pros® caught your eye? With a bigger trackpad, thinner profile, and innovative Touch Bar™, you may have considered swapping out your older model for one of more
CHRISTMAS SALE!!! Great savings on Mac this Christmas. Come check our inventory of Apple® computers and devices. We have many more! - Every computer purchase comes with 1-year more
Apple® products are revered for their ability to last. However, like all technology, the iPhone® needs maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Not only does this more
If your Apple® products need repair or you’re thinking of buying or selling a device, stop by Experimac Canton OH for the best experience. They serve customers throughout Canton and more
3 day only!  Black Friday, Sat, Mon.  Save even more on already discounted Apple® computers and devices. $25 off when you purchase $150+ item* $50 off when you more
Thanksgiving special!  13” MacBook Pro  2.5GHz i5  4GB  500GB Free memory upgrade to 8GB Free laptop case Free keyboard cover 1 year warranty   read more
21.5” iMac $575 2.5GHz i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB, Sierra OS installed. $650 2.7GHz i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB, Sierra OS installed. FREE keyboard & mouse, 1-year more
Technology has taken over much of daily life. More individuals are using their computers to do routine tasks like pay their bills or order takeout than ever before. With an more
No matter what iPhone® model you have, you’d probably prefer fixing it rather than replacing it when there’s a problem, right? As Stark County’s leading iPhone repair more
It is no secret that when it comes to technology, Apple® is an unmatched leader. The innovative company has paved the way for user-friendly devices and changed the way more
Holiday Giveaway - Enter our Grand Prize drawing to WIN an iMac® computer or a MacBook® laptop. Visit or call Experimac Canton OH for participation and promotion details today! more
Technology evolves so rapidly these days that it's tough to know if you should repair a faulty device or upgrade to something better. Experimac Canton OH, Stark more
While a necessity in 2017, laptops can be pricey, especially when they’re purchased brand-new. Instead of buying a new computer with basic features, consider purchasing a used Apple® more
Can you even imagine getting through the day without using your iPhone device? Probably not. iPhone devices are wonderful tools for accessing and managing a variety of private more
128GB Storage, Verizon. No dent, no scratches on the screen. Please visit us and check our inventory of Apple products. 0% financing options available. read more
Experimac can provide services and solutions for businesses, educational facilities and other professional organizations. We offer financing, quality repair services, unmatched more
With new technology being released on a monthly basis, finding a quality used laptop has never been easier, which is why the local computer repair professionals from Experimac more
Most people take their tablets and smartphones everywhere they go. That makes your portable Apple® devices more likely to get damaged than your desktop computer. Fortunately, there more
Today only sale!!!  2.5 SATA drive compatible only. Any unibody model upgradable!! Come check our MacBook Pro models with SSD loaded. Hurry! won’t last long.  read more
Don't miss out on savings this Labor Day weekend!  When you purchase any Apple devices, you get 50% on any accessories of your choice at the store. iPhone/iPad/MacBook& more
As with any computer or related device, your Mac is susceptible to certain performance issues and will inevitably slow down as it gets older. You can better enjoy your laptop’s more
Whether you’re new to the world of technology, or you’re an old pro trying to learn some new tricks, setting up brand-new Apple devices can be intimidating. Luckily, Apple more
Only $499, 32GB AT&T, Rose Gold Please come check our inventory. We have Apple computers and iPhone from $199 to $1600.  0% Financing Available with NO CREDIT NEEDED!! more
Only $299, 32GB Verizon iPhone SE has A9 processor with 12 mega pixel camera! That’s the same processor and camera in iPhone 6s, 6s Plus. It’s the fastest 4-inch smartphone! more
There’s no denying that brand-new computers and laptops can be expensive. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on the latest model of computer, consider purchasing pre-owned more
Only $699 for reliable 13-inch MacBook Pro 2.5GHz i5.  Includes 1-YEAR WARRANTY. 0% financing available. Great laptop for students or office. Performance and reliability more
As your computer’s primary storage device, a hard drive contains all of a user’s valuable information. Without a hard drive, your computer would be a useless piece of machinery& more
Buy-Sell-Trade-Repair All Apple® Products! Experimac Canton OH offers Certified Pre-owned Apple® devices with 1-Year Warranty!  0% 12 month financing is also available. more
Is your Apple computer running slow and inefficiently? You don’t necessarily need to invest in a completely new device to enjoy improved performance. Learn more about how you can more
If you’re looking to make your Apple computer run faster than ever, the team at Experimac Canton OH can suggest computer upgrades that will substantially improve your machine’s more
Experimac Canton OH is where you can buy premium Apple® computers without the premium price! We take the risk out of buying used Apple® devices by offering 1-year warranty on all more
We've all got big jobs to do with small budgets. Experimac Canton OH offers services and solutions for businesses, educational facilities and other professional organizations such more
Father's Day is just 10 days away!! Have you checked out all of our top picks for dad? Father's Day Special! Save up to $50 on any of our wide selection of Certified Pre-Owned Apple® more