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Express Septic Service offers exceptional repairs and installation services to help your home or business maintain safe, clean, and reliable private plumbing systems. Based in Port Orchard, WA, this bonded, licensed, and insured company offers comprehensive septic installation, maintenance, and repairs throughout Kitsap, North Mason, and Pierce counties.

Express Septic Service has advanced expertise in all types of septic tank systems, allowing them to identify and resolve a variety of problems quickly and with confidence. As they utilize sewer camera technology, this team can conduct swift septic inspections to determine the source of clogs, overflows, and leaks. After troubleshooting, their septic repairs can address issues relating to drain fields, holding tanks, baffles, and septic pump service.

If your septic tank is in good shape, these technicians offer a complete suite of septic maintenance services to help keep it that way. Notably, their routine septic pumping service is designed to keep your tank balanced and functional for years to come. This team also offers full-service septic installation that will make sure your home or business has the very best sewage solution in place from the start.

As a local, family-owned business, Express Septic Service takes great pride in helping the community have greater confidence in their private plumbing solutions. In addition to customized care and competitive pricing, these certified specialists have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Not only does this extensive knowledge allow them to troubleshoot effectively, but it also ensures that they keep up with the latest and greatest septic repair technologies on the market.

Whether you need a better septic pumping provider or you are exploring your septic installation options, Express Septic Service is ready to help. They are also available to assist with emergency septic repairs outside of normal business hours. If you want to schedule commercial or residential septic service in Kitsap, North Mason, or Pierce County, call (253) 851-9925 to speak with a qualified specialist and request a free estimate.

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