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The Law Offices of Terrence J. Salerno: auto accident attorney is one of the most respected personal injury attorneys in Omaha, with over 30 years of experience representing people who have suffered due to the negligence of another. Whether you have been injured in an auto or truck accident, a work-related injury, or medical malpractice, Terrence J. Salerno may be able to help you receive financial compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and any lost wages. He will also represent families who have lost loved ones as a result of wrongful death.

When you have suffered an injury, you need a dedicated, experienced lawyer fighting for your interests, often against powerful insurance companies. Not only is Terrence J. Salerno licensed to practice in Nebraska and Iowa, but actually serves on the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Trial Attorneys Association. He has also been admitted to practice before the Circuit Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit and United States Supreme Court, becoming one of the most respected car accident attorneys in the region.

An accomplished personal injury attorney combines an impressive track history of success and experience with empathy and genuine concern for victims of injury or death who have suffered through no fault of their own. Time is critical in the aftermath of an injury, so visit The Law Offices of Terrence J. Salerno online now or call 866-787-2598 to discuss your case.

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When in need of an accident injury attorney, many Omaha residents may find themselves most concerned with the overall cost rather than the quality of the law firm in question. more
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