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Laundry Land

"And Mom said I wouldn't find anyone who does laundry like Her!"

Laundry Land

1440 N 56th St
Lincoln, NE 68504
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Providing the best equipment and great laundry service, Laundry Land is the go-to laundromat facility that Lincoln has been missing! The full-service laundromat prides itself in serving the community with a friendly staff and clean environment, while making your errand of washing clothes a much more enjoyable one.

Understanding the circumstance that even a self-service laundromat should always provide extraordinary service, Laundry Land offers convenient hours, excellent washers and dryers, coin changing machines, drop-off laundry services, and more. So whatever the reason you need to use a coin laundromat, Laundry Land is here to service all your clothing cleaning needs.

In a well-lit facility with video surveillance, customers can enjoy the convenience of an efficient laundromat that’s fully stocked at all times. And, if waiting for the machines isn't in your schedule, then indulge in the Full Snack Bar or take advantage of the delivery and drop-off services. Finish your list of shopping needs, watch the children, or handle any other personal errands while Laundry Land washes your clothes for you.

Visit Laundry Land today and bring some ease to your experience of washing clothes. For additional information, check out the website, or to speak directly to someone regarding laundromat prices and services, call (402) 466-8353.

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