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No matter what business you are in, you need a fast and secure way to communicate with your clients. Open communication with clients allows them to voice their needs and concerns, enabling you to respond to these concerns in a reliable and efficient manner. To help you achieve this goal and move your business forward, MyRepChat in Minneapolis, MN, has developed client communication software that facilitates secure messaging between businesses and their clients.

MyRepChat was developed by a financial advisor who spent many years working in his field. During his tenure, he found that the majority of clients preferred a direct line of contact with their financial advisors, lawyers, bankers, and insurance agents. The most efficient way for these professionals to communicate with clients was through text message. Modern consumers are frequently on their phones and are likelier to check and respond to text messages than virtually any other form of communication. To make text messaging more accessible to businesses, this company developed client communication software in the form of a secure messaging app.

The MyRepChat secure messaging app simplifies SMS communication between businesses and clients. With this software, companies can send mass texts to their customers and respond directly to client texts. Text messages can be sent and received through a computer, and a call forwarding option is available if a client accidentally calls the texting number. Data encryption and compliance software are also available to protect client’s personal information.

If you would like to give the client communication software from MyRepChat a try, call (844) 402-2428 to speak to a representative. For more information on other software and services including financial software, visit them online.

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