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Few things are as satisfying as restoring a worn piece of furniture and making it like new again—especially when that sofa, arm chair, or desk holds sentimental value. At Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair in Cincinnati, OH, we specialize in repairing and reupholstering your furniture. 

Since our inception in 1975, our experienced furniture repair expert has focused on offering personalized service to businesses and residents throughout the greater Cincinnati area. Furniture repair can involve replacing parts like broken springs and damaged hinges, or even more involved processes such as leather repairs, padding replacements, and custom upholstery application. Whether you want to give a family heirloom a makeover or salvage a set of dining chairs discovered at a rummage sale, we can help you breathe new life into your existing pieces.

Quality has always been important to us here at Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair, which is why we only carry high-end fabrics, cushions, and hardware. When you come in to discuss your project, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of different upholstery patterns and fabrics and hardware details. To ensure your comfort, all cushions are made from either 100% natural cotton or 100% polyester and Dacron® for a plush feel you’re sure to love.

Because every project has a different timeline, we also offer same-day repair and on-site services. For more information about renovating or reupholstering your furniture pieces, visit Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair online or call (513) 984-1074.

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