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C & R Feed & Supply

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Ragland, AL 35131
C & R Feed & Supply, Horse Supplies & Equipment, Services, Ragland, Alabama

When searching for the right type of feed for your livestock, you want a farm supply store with all the fixings. At C & R Feed & Supply in Ragland, AL, they offer a wide variety of feed and other necessities to suit every need. They also employ knowledgeable workers who have the experience to answer all your questions and concerns. 

For nearly 20 years, this family-owned and -operated feed store has listened to customers needs and wants to provide the products that are most desired by the community. Their employees are proud to deliver friendly and informed service for every customer that walks through their door. They will help determine how much food you should give your livestock depending on both breeds and individual need. They can also help you decide which nutritional supplements are best, no matter if you are trying to bulk them up or get them down to a reasonable weight. 

From chicken and goat to pig or sheep, they have a large selection of feed available, complete with all the proper supplements needed for balanced nutrition. They carry industry-leading brands such as Purina®, Nutrena®, ADM Gravely®, Echo®, and Shindaiwa®. Additionally, if you are unable to come and pick up the feed in store, they will deliver it directly to your farm. 

Have other products that need to be done around your property? You can also rely on C & R Feed & Supply for high-quality garden supplies, such as fertilizer, straw, hay, and even propane gas. 

For a feed store that is dedicated to the community just as much as their livestock, trust C & R Feed & Supply. Call them at (205) 338-4342 or visit their website for more on their inventory and pricing. 

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