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As soon as you bring an animal into your home, they become a valued part of your family. In addition to covering your pet’s basic needs for food, water, and love, you should schedule consistent visits at a veterinary clinic to stay on top of their health. At Baraboo Valley Veterinary Clinic in Sauk County, WI, your pet will receive devoted treatment and care.

For over 22 years, pet owners throughout Wisconsin have entrusted Dr. Steven Beckett and his staff to care for their furry friends. Offering wellness exams, vaccinations, and routine dental cleanings, these experienced veterinarians also provide nutritional counseling, parasite treatments, and even surgical procedures. When the time comes to put your animal to rest, their team can assist with humane euthanasia services.

One reason Baraboo Valley Veterinary Clinic is known as one of the leading veterinary hospitals in the area is their approach to overall pet wellness. Instead of just offering disease and injury management, these professionals focus on preventive care to keep your animal looking and feeling their best. Through routine examinations and a deep understanding of the animal biology, their team will identify pet health issues and work exhaustively to resolve them, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Whether your animal has special needs because of a prior accident or they simply need to be administered up to date shots, Baraboo Valley Veterinary Clinic can help. To learn more about their business or to schedule an appointment, send them a message online or call (608) 355-2882. You can also read recent customer reviews and learn more about pet ownership by checking out their Facebook page.

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