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Coates Frey Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLLC, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

A divorce is a tough and often emotional process that shouldn’t be handled alone. Obtaining the best legal outcome takes an experienced family law firm. At Coates Frey Tanimoto & Gibson, AAL, LLLC in Honolulu, HI, their dedicated attorneys have the knowledge and compassion to handle any divorce or family law case on Oahu.

With more than 35 years of experience tackling divorce cases, the marriage lawyers at Coates & Frey are confident they will settle their client’s divorce as economically and efficiently as possible. Their main goal is to keep your case on track by making sure each side voluntarily dissolves the marriage and agrees to sign the appropriate divorce papers.

They have successfully counseled over 20,000 family law cases, ranging from paternity and child custody disputes to domestic abuse and legal separation proceedings. In each instance, they represented their clients with an understanding and caring approach, listening to their issues and mapping out a plan to meet their unique goals. They also have excellent mediation lawyers on staff who assist family members in reaching agreements that benefit all parties.

Taking on an emotional divorce or family dispute is a challenging endeavor, so let the experienced attorneys at Coates & Frey be there for you. Call them today at (808) 524-4854 to schedule a free consultation or visit them online. For additional news and updates check out their Facebook

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