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Make your job or employee search easier by working with the experienced team at TRAK Group. In business for some 25 years, the employment agency offers temporary and temp-to-hire services, as well as direct hire/permanent placements.

TRAK Group’s range of services include career planning assistance designed to maximize career potential, such as resume and interview tips, interviewing do’s and don’ts, and more. All job search services are free of charge, with fees paid by TRAK’s employers. Direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temp services include those in industries such as engineering, marketing and sales, human resources, accounting, financing and banking, administrative, operations and management.

The staffing agency’s services are not limited to potential employees looking for work, as the firm assists employers interested in their next great hire. TRAK’s expert knowledge of the local marketplace makes it easy to find the most qualified candidate for each employer. The agency’s fine-tuned recruitment process involves a specific, targeted plan for every accepted assignment, meticulous candidate research, direct candidate contact and qualifications examination, candidate presentation, and expert counsel before the final decision is made.

TRAK Group also maintains an ongoing relationship with both employer and employee to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, TRAK provides a list of current job opportunities on their official website, as well as the opportunity to submit resumes.

To learn more about TRAK Group services, visit the company's website or call (513) 792-8800 today. 

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