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Whether you’re looking to brighten your smile or need a few unfortunate cavities taken care of, the dental experts of The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry, PLLC, offer the help you need with a high-tech twist. The talented and experienced team in Whitefish, MT, handle a wide array of dental issues and pride themselves on creating a comfortable and anxiety-free atmosphere where patients can relax and achieve the smile they deserve through the power of laser dentistry.

When compared to traditional techniques, laser dentistry offers a more modern and patient-friendly option. While the dentist drill was old faithful for many decades, its invasive nature can cause discomfort and fear in patients. Instead, laser dentistry’s concentrated energy allows for more precise and gentle work that helps decrease swelling and bleeding, reduces or removes the need for anesthetic, and fosters quicker recovery. The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry, PLLC, embraces technology in other forms as well, including powerful dental microscopes, a sophisticated bite test called Tekscan, and a sensitive and highly effective teeth whitening procedure called KöR Whitening.

Advanced technology such as laser dentistry is nothing without skilled and empathetic individuals behind it, and the team at The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry, PLLC, certainly fits the bill. A core group of doctors, dental hygienists, and office coordinators understand the anxiety associated with dental appointments and do everything possible to abate that fear. With kindness, compassion, and the benefits of laser dentistry mentioned above, you’ll be at ease every time you pay the office a visit.

The high-tech power of laser dentistry backed by the caring team at The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry, PC, simply can’t be beat. Call the office today to experience a new type of dentistry! For more information, call (406) 862-1010 or visit the website.



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