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When it comes to the law, having an experienced attorney on your side can make a world of difference. Scott Hamilton Attorney at Law in Kalispell, MT has 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of his clients. Now, he’s here to serve you.

Multiple Practice Areas

Attorney Scott Hamilton is skilled in a wide variety of topics including bankruptcy, estate planning, guardianship, and family law. So, when you find yourself with any of these legal concerns, this law office will help you find the solution.

Experienced Counsel

With over two decades serving Flathead, Lake, and Lincoln counties, Attorney Hamilton has the experience you’re looking for in a family law and bankruptcy lawyer. He is also results-driven, analytical, and compassionate: three traits necessary for a successful case.

Individualized Approach

Every legal situation is different. That’s why Attorney Hamilton takes a personalized approach to every case. During your initial consultation, he will take the time to understand your unique situation so he can develop a custom legal strategy with your best interests at heart.  

If you need reliable legal counsel, look no further than Scott Hamilton Attorney at Law. Call them at (406) 257-3036 today to schedule a free consultation. For more on Attorney Hamilton’s areas of expertise, visit his website.

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