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Contemporary Health Care for Women, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Health and Beauty, Lincoln, Nebraska

Offering the very best in obstetrics and gynecological care, Contemporary Healthcare For Women features the supportive, caring services all women deserve. Its patients are the center of the practice, with its staff always ready to dispense advice and lend support.

A full-service women’s health clinic, Contemporary Healthcare offers all gynecological services, including surgery (including laparoscopic and robotic), 3D/4D ultrasounds, mammograms, Lamaze classes, pap smears, osteoporosis "DEXA" screening, OB/GYN and more. The clinic also utilizes Accuvix V20 technology for premium ultrasound screening.

In addition to its many gynecological care services, the clinic features family planning assistance, including Mirena and Paraguard counseling and insertion, preconception counseling and testing, and Nexplanon insertion. Contemporary Health’s obstetrics team provides complete prenatal care, as well as assistance for high-risk pregnancies and multiple gestation pregnancies. Infertility care includes semen analysis, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, and Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis and treatment.

They focus on menopause and primary care as well, such as comprehensive hormone therapy treatment, osteoporosis and osteopenia evaluation and treatment, abnormal bleeding treatment, bone density evaluation and management, cholesterol testing and treatment, school and sports physicals, depression and anxiety treatment, and so much more.

The experienced staff at Contemporary Healthcare for Women is always ready to listen and lend compassionate, knowledgeable advice! For an experience that will put you at ease and keep you healthy, visit their website or call (402)-486-4000

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