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Serving Maui since 1985, Kihei’s Pool Pro provides expert pool maintenance, installation and service, while also selling a wide variety of pool supplies and accessories. Their dedicated staff of licensed technicians and contractors is able to work with above ground pools, hot tubs and spas, while offering comprehensive maintenance plans. They perform every kind of residential or commercial pool related job: installing tile or decking, full inspections, as well as new pool design, construction and installation. Knowing that nothing beats the satisfaction of having your own well maintained, sparkling pool or spa, this company bends over backwards to ensure that the client is happy with all work done and has access to all of the materials he or she needs.

Pool Pro strives to make every aspect of pool ownership, be it design and construction or maintenance and renovation, as stress free as possible. Since this is usually a big investment (but one that is always worth it) its team makes sure to be forthcoming about potential costs and create realistic timelines for the completion of the job. No one should have to lose a day waiting for contractors to show up: Pool Pro makes sure that its contractors or technicians show up exactly at the appointed hour and will complete all work within the agreed upon time frame. It is no wonder that this company has developed a reputation for providing the absolute best in service and expertise.

One of only a few fully licensed, professional pool service companies in Maui County, Pool Pro will make every trip to your backyard a mini-vacation. For more information about pool installation, maintenance and supplies, visit the company’s website or call (808) 879-3294.

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If you own a pool, you know how important regular maintenance is to keep the area attractive, comfortable, and safe. Skimming, scrubbing, and chemical balancing are essential and more
If you’re experiencing issues with the pump for your swimming pool, there are a couple of different routes you can take. If it’s a minor issue, you could probably get away with just more
If you’re looking for an easier way to clean your swimming pool, salt water chlorination systems may be right for you. Unlike traditional chlorine models—which are maintained by more
Owning your own swimming pool takes relaxation and backyard fun to a whole new level, but the purchase comes with responsibilities. According to the experts at Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, more
Choosing unique and useful holiday gifts for everyone on your list can be tough, especially as the end of the year draws closer and closer. But if someone on your gift list more
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Before purchasing either a hot tub or a custom spa, you probably want to understand the difference. Hot tubs and spas have a lot in common. For instance, both usually include jets more
Pools provide a wonderful place to relax, cool off, and enjoy the company of loved ones. In order to facilitate these activities, it’s important to perform proper pool maintenance. more
On a hot, sticky day, you might think your pet deserves a dip in the swimming pool. However, while it sounds like a fun way to beat the heat, doing so could put your furry more
When it comes to swimming pools, it's important to keep track of chemical levels in the water. However, many people become confused or overwhelmed by the endless more
Having a backyard swimming pool is a great way to stay fit and keep your family entertained. That’s why locals throughout Maui County, HI, work with Pool Pro for both construction more
There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your hot tub after a long day—but no one wants to sink into the soothing bubbles only to find that the edges of the hot tub are moldy or the more
As summer approaches, more people are heading to their swimming pools, looking for a break from the ever-climbing heat. That’s why Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, is proudly celebrating more
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It can be frustrating to see your pool turn a strange shade of green over a period of time. It’s a pretty well-known fact that algae creates this greenish hue, but why exactly does more
Getting the most out of your pool requires using quality pool supplies. The experts at Pool Pro, in Kihei, HI, recommend familiarizing yourself with the equipment that more
A swimming pool can be an absolute joy on a hot day, but the downside of pool ownership is the expensive repairs that arise seemingly out of the blue. To avoid these sudden expenses, more
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Tranquil and luxurious, a personal hot tub is an absolute delight. While it's undeniably a perfect leisurely activity, a hot tub also comes with a number of incredible benefits. more
Chlorine isn’t your only choice for swimming pool water treatment—salt water pools are a popular alternative for several reasons. As with any other option, there are a number more
If you own a hot tub or outdoor pool, keeping your amenities clean and well-maintained will ensure they work efficiently year round. The hot tub and pool service more
A water feature is any additional water element one might add to their pool, such as a fountain, imitation waterfall, or other decorative feature. At Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, their more
When a dry spell or a bona fide drought hits the area, it’s important to preserve as much water as possible. However, if you have above-ground or in ground pools, there's a chance more
Severe weather conditions like hurricanes and tropical storms cannot be avoided, but the damage they cause to your property can be mitigated. Preparedness is key, and the best more
Whether you’re thinking about installing a new inground pool or you have one that could use a bit of TLC, choosing the surroundings for your pool is just as important as the pool more
Are you a new pool owner or thinking of becoming one? Even for long-time owners who have the whole pool maintenance thing down, certain vital steps may slip the mind. As Pool Pro of more
Many people spend a long time trying to find the perfect environment in which to relax. What if you could create that setting right behind your house? One of Pool Pro’s core more
Compared to the rest of the country, Maui enjoys warm weather all-year round—but that doesn’t make summer any less of a blast! Island life is a special delight this time of more
Maui is a prime location for spending time outdoors in a swimming pool. A personal swimming pool gives you the ability to take a refreshing swim without having to go all the way to more
Having a hot tub on your property can provide your friends and family with a fun, relaxing way to spend time together. However, like many recreational settings, caution should be more
Choosing a pool for your home is a big decision and an even bigger investment. You want your pool to be with you for a long time, so it's important to take all factors into more
Developing a pool maintenance schedule is a crucial aspect of owning a swimming pool—whether its above-ground or in-ground, all styles require routine cleaning and service from more
Looking to cool off this summer? Then there's no better option than a refreshing dip in one of Maui's many swimming pools. With that much temptation, however, why not own your own? more
A swimming pool is a desirable addition to any home. However, much like choosing a contractor for your home, your pool contractor is a commitment that should be selected carefully. more
To ensure that your swimming pool stays fresh and clean, it is important that you know how to choose the best cleaner. Serving the Maui area for over 30 years, Pool Pro more
Swimming pools don’t all have to be the same old, boring rectangular shape. An elite designer has the potential to map out a pool that reflects the unique needs and sensibilities of more
Do you love to go swimming? Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, recommends exercising caution at all times, regardless of how more
Having a swimming pool is one of the most rewarding additions you can make to your home. Not only will a pool provide countless hours of entertainment and relaxation for the whole more
Having a well-maintained, professionally installed pool on your property will increase your home’s value and transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxing oasis. With 30 years more
This has been such a productive year for Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, but it wouldn’t have meant anything without you, our loyal customer base. Working with you all makes us excited more
With 2016 around the corner, there’s a buzz of electricity in the air; the upcoming New Year represents a chance for a fresh start. If you’re like many folks, this means more
If you have a pool on your property, you are well aware of how important it is to keep it in top shape throughout the year. Pool Pro in Kihei, HI, is a full-service swimming more
As a pool owner, or someone thinking of having a swimming pool installed, you probably encounter all sorts of myths surrounding its use. It can be difficult to keep it all straight, more
Taking a nice cool dip after a long hard day is nothing short of delightful. However, most people don’t dream about the maintenance of their backyard oasis. Dealing with algae build more
A swimming pool is a fantastic compliment to any backyard. The use of space, opportunities for fitness and family fun are all reasons why a custom pool can improve your home. The more
Everyone enjoys a dip in a refreshingly crisp pool on a scorching hot summer day. But people would be far more hesitant to jump in swimming pools if they knew what kind of germs more
Swimming pools are a fun addition to any home, but occasionally, circumstances can causes the water in them to turn green, requiring vigorous cleaning. That’s because green water is more
As you know, there’s simply no better way to spend time during a hot day than poolside with your family or friends. Whether you use it to keep up an exercise regimen or simply as more
You’ve donned your swim suit; you’ve applied sun screen; and you’ve got a raft ready to go. You’re ready for your pool, but is your pool ready for you? It might not be, and you more
As many pool owners know, the month of April is water conservation month. As such, the swimming pool maintenance and custom pools experts at Pool Pro have a number of more
Residents of Hawaii understand the wonderful and relaxing benefits of having a pool in their backyards. In order to get the most out of your pool and keep you and your family safe, more
If you’ve been daydreaming about installing a swimming pool in your backyard—and who hasn’t—Pool Pro, Maui’s swimming pool installation and repair experts, encourages you more
Given the consistent sunny and beautiful weather in Hawaii, swimming is an excellent activity almost any day of the year. Since 1985, Pool Pro has constructed custom above-ground more
Whether you’re looking for an experienced pool maintenance company to keep your swimming pool clean, or a creative team of experts to build the pool of your dreams, Pool Pro is more