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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate, Minneapolis, Minnesota

No matter your situation, you need a mortgage company you can rely on. Count on the experts at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Edina, MN, to answer your questions and offer the right solutions for your personal goals. Serving the Twin Cities metro area, they will guide you through the entire loan process.

Led by branch manager Dominic James DesMarais, the team at this mortgage company is dedicated to providing quality service to their customers. They know financing a home is a major commitment, and they will take as much time as needed to ease the pressure of home buying or refinancing.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation offers a broad range of options and services, such as pre-approval letters, fixed-rate or reverse mortgages and refinancing. Whether you’re purchasing your new home or planning to build, their staff will help you achieve homeownership.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, these mortgage consultants are committed to fostering life-long partnerships with their clients. They’ll be with you every step of the way, from application and closing to refinancing. They’ll be there to answer any questions you have during your journey to homeownership and beyond.

Learn for yourself why Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is one of the best mortgage companies in the area. Call (952) 797-6032 for information on current mortgage rates and refinancing options.

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